Pill Identification and Pill Imprinting

Pill Identification Features Pill Imprinting

Free Pill Identification

Free pill identification is now available through the innovations of pill imprinting. The pill imprint is a trouble-free method of swift and effective identification of capsule, tablets and pills. The method of pill identification allows for quick identification of necessary medication by senior citizens, professionals in terms of doctors, nurses and is a great way of for concerned parents as well as school teachers and nurse to gain immediate identification of pills and tablets.

In the past, clear and positive identification was only accessible by doctors or pharmacists and this required a certain level of knowledge, and required a payment to gain access to a pill identification data. However with our pill imprint method, free pill identification can now be carried out. With Drug ID you now can gain access to our website allowing you to easily identify the pill or tablet by way of the pill imprint and then matching up this imprint with our comprehensive database using our pill identification method. All the pill imprints are categorized, allowing for quick and simple identification and ultimately saving you precious time and obtaining results that are accurate.

Many unnecessary deaths occur in the United States, due to the erroneous use of medication. The sad fact is that many of these deaths could have been prevented if access was available whereby correct identification of the medication could be accurately carried out. Our innovative pill imprint identification method will prove to be an invaluable tool for both law enforcement agents and teachers, and will certain provide enormous assistance to pharmacists and doctors. Often school nurses or teachers find tablets or pills on their students, which the students claim are for certain conditions, with the innovative pill imprint method and access to our free pill identification database the school is now able to correctly identify the tablets or pills. The same process of identification will save law enforcement agents time, in that they can access the free pill identification database using the pill imprint and accurately identify the pill, tablet or capsule. Whereas previously this process took many hours, in that the law enforcement agent would have to page through volumes of books to gain correct pill identification.

Free Pill Identification

Pill Identification

The free pill identification process provides a screen displays which shows the graphic logos in full color, which provides quick and definite identification. The database is presented either alphabetically or numerically, which provides user-friendly methods of conducting a fast search. In addition the screen displays provide a shape and a scoring on the pill imprint, along with the common uses of the pill, whether the pill is a prescription drug, and the legal schedule number is able to notify and alert the searcher whether the pill is easily abused and should be contained in a prescription container.

Drug ID is certain that the with use of the latest technology the free pill identification procedure will not only save many unnecessary deaths in terms of supplying, providing and administering the incorrect medications, in terms of pills, capsules and tablets but will prove to be a valuable method in determining the correct usage of the pills as well as save countless hours for law enforcement officers and agents. The free pill identification database will too provide an exceptional resource for schools across the United States.