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Free Pill Identification provided to the public for its own personal use or for the user’s immediate family member. A subscription is invited from professionals and all others. Professionals please go to Pill ID.com and create an account.

Example of an imprint with two features: USL 10; with 3 features: 93 150 3.

‘Quick Pill Search’ uses exact imprint features. Use upper and lower case alpha characters, matching the imprint (markings) on the pill exactly.

Separate each feature of the imprint with a space. Up to six alpha-numeric features may be entered in the search field for the Pill Identification. Overlook a logo feature for now; any related logo feature will be displayed for you to make a choice, after this initial search.

Pill identification


With the introduction of new drugs on the market almost everyday it is becoming more and more crucial that there is an informative guide to the correct handling and use of all drugs on the market today to promote the safe use of medicines amongst professional and individuals alike. Drug ID has designed a Pill Identification Wizard

Our website Pill Identification Wizard allows for ease of use to anyone providing that the user friendly steps are followed as laid out on the website. One needs look for the logo or pill identification number which by law all pharmaceuticals and most OTC pills will clearly have engraved or stamped into the drug. Most pills have unique colors and shapes although there are many similarities in this area but it is just as important the precise descriptions are used when information is provided for the drug identification.

The Pill ID wizard uses the information inserted in to the fields and by a serious of clicks or steps of your mouse the drug can be identified easily. Intensive work has been put into the making of this website and the designing of the Pill Identification wizard.

Pill Identification Quick Search on PillID.com

Pill Identification

Besides this huge comprehensive and accurate databases of the thousands of drugs have been put together for ease of most drugs and medicines identification so surely one can understand the free resources we provide users are very limited and should one require the regular use of our full pill identification and Pill ID wizard one needs subscribe to our services. There is also access to trained pharmacists for advice and professional help and this service does come at a costs. Drug ID also regularly update the database for new drugs capsules and other pills that are constantly becoming available on the market so that the Pill ID wizard can identify the pill accurately up to ninety nine percent of the time. Should you experience problems in Pill Identification wizard and do not receive a satisfactory result after using our website we invite you to contact us immediately using the website contact links provided.

Pill Identification Wizard

Pill Identification wizard not only identifies the pill prescribed by doctors or in your medicine cabinet but also provides you in depth information and description of the pill which even gives you the individual peace of mind as to what medicine you have been prescribed by your doctor and also to see whether it has been approved by the federal drug administration of the United States as well. It identifies the condition that the drug treats and also provides the name of the drug or Pill after the Pill Identification.

Our patented Pill ID wizard is a state of the art pill and drug identification system that will be useful in many ways in a variety of different professions as well as for the individual and we look forward to your testimonial of the effectiveness of our site in the aiding you to keep informed for the safe use of all medicines.

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